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Chili September 1973.
(Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij, 1973).

(246 x 199 mm), pp.[48]. 24 black-and-white photographs. Printed stapled wrappers, tan, text in black; foxing to contents and wrappers lightly toned as often found due to the cheap paper used. A crisp copy.

First edition. On September 11 1973 with the support of the CIA General Augusto Pinochet headed a coup d’état which successfully overthrew the democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende. Wessing, a former assistant of Ed van der Elsken took these photographs in the immediate aftermath. The opening spread shows a pile of burning books and papers, topped with a copy of Punto Final magazine which has a photograph of Allende at the ballot box. We then see photographs of the shocked citizens of Santiago and the rounding up of suspected Leftists who were taken to the National Stadium, where many would disappear. This book was published soon after the events occurred; there is no introductory text or captions and it has the feeling of a pamphlet. ‘It is meant as a report and a declaration of support, and at the same time, as a memento mori’.

Photography Between Covers pp.117-9; The Photobook: A History Vol.I p.229; 802 photo books from the Auer collection p.562; The Dutch Photobook pp.124-5; Errata Editions: Books on Books no.8.

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