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Ihre Ordnung ist auf Sand Gebaut. Dokumentation zur Buchmesse + zum Senghor – Prozess [Your Order is Built on Sand: Documentation of the Bookfair Senghor Process].
(Frankfurt am Main): Republikanische Hilfe – SDS, [1969].

(298 x 207 mm), pp.[78]. 7 black-and-white photographs, 4 of which are printed in red, 1 in blue, text printed in red, black, and blue. Adhesive bound self-wrappers. Fine.

First edition. An account of the 1968 SDS and APO boycott of that year’s Frankfurt Book Fair due to the decision by the Association of the German Book Trade to award a Peace Prize to Leopold Sedar Senghor. Senghor became the first president of Senegal after it gained independence from France in 1960, but he was perceived by his detractors as being too close to the former colonial rulers in Paris. In May 1968 Senegalese students had called for a national strike and a boycott of examinations, in response police were sent in to the campuses and foreign students were expelled from the country by armed force. In protest the SDS and APO aimed to disrupt the award ceremony at St Paul’s Church, and instead present an award to a member of the black liberation movement in Africa. 800 police faced over 2,000 protesters, who also attacked the Frankfurter Hof hotel before marching to the venue of the fair itself. They also staged a counter book fair which attracted more than 70 exhibitors.

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